Friday, June 2, 2006

Backing up an Ubuntu System the sane way

"dpkg --get-selections>list_of_selections.txt" can backup a Debian user's
list of currently selected packages. "dpkg
--set-selections<list_of_selections.txt" to start a system restore, iff
packages are available. Some packages get removed from the Debian archive
( has recent examples), if
following unstable or testing, then you may want to use dpkg-repack or
grab a copy of the packages you are worried about. may also be helpful.

I'm also making a backup of my /etc directory, this has the password database that won't be good on the next system but I use this for reference.
sudo tar zcvf apt.tgz /etc/


Unfortunately, I messed up and ran the first selection on the new system which copied the new systems dpkg list over the saved copy. Now, I cannot vouch for this working

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