Sunday, June 11, 2006

Article on Screencasting | Creating appealing video software demos in Linux

I just started testing Istanbul with mixed results. I am running my session over freenx, so my situation may be unexpected.

The application installed without a hitch (sudo apt-get install istanbul). It installed a number of gstreamer0.8 dependencies, gstreamer pipeline being the workhorse.

Now I want to test Wink to see where this application stacks up.  Actually, after seeing the license model I think I will stop and unlink to them.  Wink uses a freeware non-open soure license.  You can download the binaries but can't redistribute them without permission from the author.  That means that Wink is not GPL friendly.  Or rather, that you can't build any GPL software off of Wink because GPL doesn't allow you to decrease the freedoms given to you through the software.

I have no problem with Wink using a non-open source license but I will not waste my time trying to use that software when the software can be abandoned.  This type of license is worse in my opinion than proprietary paid for software.  At least with Microsoft software, I have a business relationship from the services/ products paid for that I can use in any disputes.  I understand what I am getting from Microsoft whereas with Wink, I think I am getting something as free as GPL software but it doesn't have the ability to be forked, and built upon.  Under Wink's software, I am 100% dependent on the creator of Wink to support, maintain, and fix any problems with the application.

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