Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Links Are Dead Post

This is my Steve Gillmor experiment. He doesn't know me from anyone and I expect that he will find this post and read it. It may not be instant but if Steve and I are right, then linking is irrelevant, searching is king. And because searching is king, that means context is everything or rather attention is everything.

Steve, I couldn't find an email address or comment area to comment on your show. I wanted to suggest that you could sell more GoDaddy domains with Gillmor1 if you mentioned that Google is allowing beta users to sign up for gmail accounts with up to 25 accounts mapped to domains purchased not through Google but through GoDaddy or other establishments.

I set up a domain that I already purchased through Yahoo for 2x's what GoDaddy charges with the Gillmor discount. But I am very tempted to find another domain and map it onto a 2GB gmail account. Maybe jeff@rasmussen.com is available.

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