Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Linux in the Workplace?

Can Linux Desktops Live in an Active Directory World? « Open Source Advocacy with Reverend Ted

I've been trying to work with Linux as my desktop in an all Windows IT department. I still prefer Ubuntu to Windows and just recently I installed VMware on both a Windows 2003 server Dell Poweredge with 2 Xeons and also on my Ubuntu workstation with a single P4 processor (with hyperthreading for what that's worth). I dedicated a 40G physical drive for Windows XP professional on Ubuntu and get better performance on Ubuntu than Windows 2003, however, I have never dedicated a physical drive to a virtual environment before.

I do need to report a bug report with VMware because my entire system freezes when I try allowing the Windows environment bridged network access. Luckily, I believe that VMware Server (free product) is fully supported and will work with me in my Ubuntu environment which will be a first time I will get support on a Linux product.