Saturday, September 23, 2006

RTFM Education » Ultimate-P2V

RTFM Education » Ultimate-P2V

After getting comfortable on VMware Server, I wanted to reinstall Ubuntu on my work PC and make a copy of my Windows workstation and run it in a virtual environment. I really have missed running Linux for my day-to-day Windows administration job. Previously, I had used RDP whenever needing a Windows only application (like SMS, or an IT Helpline exchange mailbox) but it always got in the way. It was hard to justify 2 machines for 1 user.

Bart's Boot Disk Now with this guide, I can use Bart's boot disk to make a clone of my working Windows workstation and throw it into a virtual environment. I wouldn't mind paying for P2V but I usually have a difficult time justifying what I'm trying to do and how it will help with our Windows servers. VMwareI have so far failed convincing the Vice President of IT how we can use virtual technologies to offer 2 compatible servers on the same hardware and save $6k. So far, I have only convinced him to allow virtuallization in a lab setting.

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