Sunday, August 27, 2006

Remote Acces to Linux from Cell Phone

I've been playing with midpssh for a while. My first experience was when I had T-Mobile's $5 wap service. Unfortunately, port 22 was blocked (and it runs at 9600 baud).

Now I have been issued a Blackberry from work. Internet service costs $20 a month from Verizon wireless. T-mobile required the $20 service when purchasing a Blackberry. The service is much faster but I haven't read what speed that translates into.

Anyways, you probably want to know how to get ssh access to your linux machine through your cell phone. Go to to download MidpSSH to your phone. There is a special Blackberry version near the bottom.

The big trick is to set your terminal to linux otherwise it defaults to vt320 with only ASCII characters.

I've also set MidpSSH to use public keys (very secure if used correctly). Just copy the public key (a menu option once public key settings are enabled) and add a line ssh-rsa {public key} to ~/auth_keys. Reference man auth_keys to verify, I'm doing all this from memory.

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