Tuesday, August 22, 2006

RadRails and Subversion

Integrating Subversion and RadRails

I just spent a time while figuring out how to integrate RadRails and Subversion, and thought I'd share a tidbit in the hope it saves others time. I installed Subversion, created a repository under C:/repository, created a project called edu20 using svnadmin, and then started the lightweight subversion server by typing:svnserve -d --listen-port 3690 -r repositoryFrom RadRails, I selected Window>Show View>other>SVN>SVN Repository, which then displays a SVN window at the bottom of the screen. Then I clicked the + button which allows you to enter the URL of an SVN repository. The trouble is, it wasn't obvious what this URL should look like. After googling for information and some trial and error, I discovered the magic incantation is:svn://localhost/edu20/trunkIn other words, the protocol is svn, the next part is the host name, and the last part is the path from the repository root to the trunk of the project. I hope this helps someone! Graham Glass, etc., August 17, 2006. [Conversation]

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