Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Changing Flock's Search engine

The easy part is to select google as your default search engine but that only changes the search in the upper right corner. If you right-click on a word to do a search, you will be using yahoo until you change this about:config variable.

Type about:config in the address bar and filter by 'search' and double click on the key shown below.

or just

Just a quick note: Taking screenshots on Linux (Ubuntu for me) doesn't work the same as in Windows. In Windows, you just need to do PrtScrn or Alt-PrtScrn and ctrl-v (paste) into the blog post. Under Ubuntu, I have to PrtScrn or Alt-PrtScrn and I get a dialog box to save my screenshot to the desktop. I can't then drag-and-drop the picture into the blog post but have to invoke the Flock photouploader to get the picture into the photobar and then drag it into the blog post.

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