Friday, July 14, 2006

Can Pound replace Lighttpd and proxy Mongrel?


  1. a reverse-proxy: it passes requests from client browsers to one or more back-end servers.

  2. a load balancer: it will distribute the requests from the client browsers among several back-end servers, while keeping session information.

  3. an SSL wrapper: Pound will decrypt HTTPS requests from client browsers and pass them as plain HTTP to the back-end servers.

  4. an HTTP/HTTPS sanitizer: Pound will verify requests for correctness and accept only well-formed ones.

  5. a fail over-server: should a back-end server fail, Pound will take note of the fact and stop passing requests to it until it recovers.

  6. a request redirector: requests may be distributed among servers according to the requested URL.

Deploying Rails with Pound in Front of Mongrel, Lighttpd, and Apache - O'Reilly Ruby

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