Friday, July 28, 2006

ActiveSync is Being Replaced in Windows Vista

Windows Vista Team Blog : New Windows Mobile Device Center Update Available

I probably will be backwards compatible with ActiveSync but I wouldn't invest time or energy getting ActiveSync to work. Instead, I would rather use funambol (Sync4j) even more than Blackberry's Enterprise Server.  Both ActiveSync and BES are ignoring already open standards.  SyncML is already installed on the majority of cell phones and has been for a few years.  The only devices that don't support SyncML are the PDA type phones with Blackberry OS and Windows CE.  Screw them, I could use a server like Funambol (GPL software, by the way) and the Blackberry and WindowsCE SyncML clients to sync up all calendars for our entire organization giving us the flexibility to go with some Blackberry and some WindowsCE and some Palm OS cell phones.

Flexible Enterprise Solutions
Funambol is the world's leading implementation of standards-based PIM synchronization. Funambol software synchronizes contacts, calendars, appointments, tasks, and notes on over 75% of the wireless phones on the market today. Leveraging the OMA DS (formally known as SyncML DS) standards, Funambol software synchronizes the PIM databases on all the most popular devices in use: * PC (Outlook, Netscape, and Kolab PIM databases) * Windows Mobile device (SmartPhone, PocketPC) * RIM BlackBerry * Palm * iPod * Over 800 million commodity mobile phones


This stuff isn't just pie in the sky.  With, I can sync my Blackberry calendar to a server and I have gotten at least some of my contacts synched through the Outlook 2003 SyncML client plugin.  Now all we need is a server type component that will talk to Exchange (MAPI or WebDAV) and send all synchronizations without someone needing to leave Outlook running on their desktop.

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