Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Understanding Why Consumers Choose Operating Systems

Why Not Linux? - Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter
I thought about posting a comment at the bottom of a nicely reasoned article about why someone loves using Linux. But after reading through the comments, I was more interested in other people's justification of why not Linux.
Why not Linux?  Is a fantastic question that apparently shows some interesting rationalization of consumer behavior.
First of all in the article, the writer doesn't understand why people mistakenly assume the value and the price of something is interlocked. It seems to me that in a capitalistic society that people learn that the two are equal. But this is only true in a free and open market. In order to break people's assumption of value=price you need to show how the markets are entirely different. That in an Open Source software world/ market there are different costs and benefits versus any closed source alternative from Microsoft or Apple...
Second consumer inertia seems to be a valuable lesson. Changing purchasing behaviors is difficult and if we are also talking about someone needing to use a different marketplace it would seem undaunting.
I'm going to have to continue my thoughts later.

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