Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Problems with Cyanogen or Android in general

Last night I was lucky enough to be working in something like a lead shielded basement at my in-laws house.  I had absolutely no Verizon signal, I'm sure, no GPS signal and the only wireless devices turned on were 1 wireless access point installed just feet away from the desk I was sitting at and my stereo bluetooth headset.

While I was downstairs I started getting a bunch of force close errors on all kinds of applications.  Most notably  Google App Service and Browser.  Since I run the Cyanogen Mod, I have run into a situation like this.  Usually I can fix the situation by running the ROMManager's fix permission task and reboot my phone without a hassle -- I actually only ran into one situation where this helped when I upgraded to Cyanogen 7 without wiping the data or the cache partition and the fix permission was only a temporary fix until I went to factory restore.

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