Tuesday, May 16, 2006

What's up with Ruby on Rails

Crossing borders: What's the secret sauce in Ruby on Rails?
But people who compare Ruby on Rails with a mix of general-purpose Java frameworks are missing the point. You can be 10 times more productive for some problems by radically changing the nature of the tool. Professional framers now use nail guns that can drive in dozens of nails in the time it takes to hammer in one nail. Like nail guns, Rails is specialized. It's a framework written with a laser focus on a single niche: new database-backed Web applications.

Great article by IBM about what makes Ruby on Rails (RoR) so special.

If you are a web developer or had any interest in learning how to program web applications, you should look at the Ruby on Rails framework. I am not a developer, I like scripting but I don't have the patience for coding. Ruby on Rails is a tool that allows me to create something as complex as a storefront with shopping cart.

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