Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Compare RIS and Ghost

RIS vs Ghost - Sell me on which one - Topic Ars OpenForum

We used to use Ghost and now have switched over to RIS.  The best part is the ability to set up a computer with admin credentials in 5 minutes and walk away.  The user can then log onto the machine in approximately 20 minutes because it is part of the Domain.

Biggest hangups with RIS:

  1. There are 6 Hals, so there are a maximum of 6 different images that need to be created (depending on your environment).  For us, we had to create 3 different images.
  2. The other big hangup for RIS is trying to use a ghosted machine to create the image.  You are much better off recreating the image entirely on RIS.   I had to manually hack what HAL was used and I'm not sure if I did it correctly.

Biggest benefits with RIS:

  1. All images are located on a network share.  You can easily add or delete files from the image.
  2. Setting up an image is only 5 minutes of work, then you can walk away. 

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