Thursday, January 27, 2011

Problems Syncing on Android

I've been having issues with Gmail sync for a while. It seems like it may have started after the Gmail app was upgraded to allow for priority inbox but I'm not sure.

I had these sync options turned on when I started noticing a problem synchronizing my Gmail.

  • Backup Assistant
    • backup
  • Exchange ActiveSync
    • mail
    • contacts
    • calendar
  • Facebook for HTC Sense
    • live feed
    • contacts 
  • Google
    • Google Reader
    • Books
    • contacts
    • Gmail
    • Calendar
  • News
    • news
  • Stocks
    • stock info
  • Twitter -- turned off
    • live feed
    • contacts
  • Weather
    • weather
I was able to follow the instructions listed below to get sync to start working again but this morning it failed.

To give some background on possible environmental issues.  I keep my Wi-Fi always turned on and at the hospital where I work I use the public Wi-Fi which redirects users to an "I Agree" terms for service page to create an authentication cookie.  I walk in and out of this Wi-Fi zone and need to re-authenticate (or rather re-agree) before Internet services start working.  So I know that I have inconsistant web access throughout the day.

I'm able to receive Exchange emails throughout the day without a hitch.  However, I had my first meeting that wasn't synchronized on the phone.  On my Droid Incredible, it showed no meeting and on Outlook 2007 my meeting was from 1-2pm.

My boss has been having meeting issues on his Motorola Droid2 Global phone which only happened with recurring appointments and the phone seems to not  display appointments that are modified from the recurring series.  We were able to trick the Droid into displaying the appointments by making a minor change to the series and re-saving the meeting.

When I went to try that same trick to the occurance, I got this weird Outlook Error:
Cannot open this item. You changed one of the recurrences of this item, and this instance no longer exists. Close any open items and try again.
Anyway, I am now trying to see what happens if I just have Google and Exchange synchronization turned on.

Here is the article that I found that started me down the path of fixing my sync issue.

xda-developers - View Single Post - Gmail Sync not working: "1) menu -> settings -> accounts & sync

- click on a sync account and disable individual syncs: contacts, gmail, calendar
- repeat for all accounts

2) Same location as step 1
-disable auto-sync
- then disalbe background data.

3) menu -> settings -> applications
- click on gmail app
- clear cache
- clear data

4) same location as step 3
- click on gmail storage
- clear data

5) Restart phone

6) re-activate sync functions in backwards order of disabling them:
- enable background data.
- enable autosync
- enable individual sync items for each account

This fixed it for me and has stayed that way for some time now."

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