Thursday, October 21, 2010

Attended the Minneapolis Sprint 4G Launch Yesterday

I ended up attending the Sprint 4G launch for Minneapolis on Wednesday.  It was very interesting to participate in a big presentation.  We had noticed Sprint testing 4G a few months ago and noticed when it became live in Minneapolis.

It was nice to get a chance to play around with the equipment although I think that Sprint did a poor job explaining why WiMax was going to succeed over LTE.  In fact Sprint was trying to communicate that 4G on other carriers was still a pipe dream or at least a first generation product for all other companies.

I was able to see my first Samsung Tablet which looked beautiful and I got a little excited seeing a new Medical Tele-presence device that might fit nicely at our hospital instead of sending nurses or providers out to people's houses.  Quick link for those interested: AmericanTeleCare

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  1. While Sprint may think LTE is a pipe dream Verizon has announced LTE in Minneapolis by the end of this year. With the specs of LTE being quite a bit better than WiMax it might be worth holding out a couple of months to find out for yourself...