Thursday, January 15, 2009

Linux Advocate Doesn't Slam Reporter and Starts a Dialogue

Ubuntu on the Brain
The viewer who contacted me also said this: “It really is a revolution, and it is a community effort…Linux is all about what people want to do, and that is find your own way to do things. People always complain about getting stepped on by big companies (MS, Internet Providers, Cellular Providers etc) but most don’t want to change how they do things for their own good.”

He’s right, you know. People hate change. Now, I don’t think the story we did was wrong. It really wasn’t about Ubunto; how it works, etc. It was about a woman who ordered something, realized she made a mistake, asked Dell to fix it and they told her Ubuntu would be fine but when she got it, she realized it wasn’t for her. While Ubuntu probably would’ve been OK for her, she didn’t really want to learn how to use a new operating system. She wanted a computer to take college classes. It’s a pure consumer driven story. It was not an attack on Ubuntuat all. But it does show that change can be difficult…especially when people are unaware of products, services, new technological advances, etc.

I will say this: because of my e-mails with this viewer, I’m looking more and more at Ubuntu and might join this little revolution.

The story of the day: Linux fanatic doesn't rant and rave and chooses to start a dialog and teach someone else about why they value Linux/ Ubuntu.

I want to thank rgiordan for finding the quiet voice that was able to help.


  1. Unfortunately the reporter did turn around and attack Linux users the next day:

  2. Ubunt"o"?????????

  3. Yeah, I was pretty disappointed when he turned back around and did the same bullshit right back - even after we had a conversation about raising above immaturity.