Saturday, September 13, 2008

Frets on Fire Note

Frets on Fire is a fantastic game that I am now addicted.  I find it extremely relaxing and it can take my mind away from work for some real relaxation.  The game is for Linux, Mac, and PC.  It is written in Python.  The biggest drawback is that it only comes with a few songs.

I grew up learning how to play the piano.  I used to love learning something new and kept trying to get better and better.  That was until I met a natural piano player that couldn't read a note to save his life but played much better than myself.  The whole time I learned how to play the piano, I never learned how to play with the piano.

Make no mistake, Frets on Fire and games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band won't teach you how to play an instrument.  Luckily I don't want to learn how to play the guitar, I want to pretend that I know how to play the guitar.  For me that is the big draw of these types of games.  I can improve my fictitious skill and have fun listening to songs that I didn't even know were favorites.

I wish I could work with Jonathan Coulton to fret "Code Monkey" and have him resell it for a few bucks.  Finally I'm at a place the Record Industry wants me to be, I'd like to purchase a song and learn how to fake-fret it for a video game.  It really does seem to be the next logical step toward loving a song.


Now for the real reason I felt compelled to write...

I had the hardest time getting Frets on Fire to recognize a new folder full of songs.  Apparently, Frets on Fire will not go any further that the first layer when adding songs to its playlist.  However, you can trick Frets on Fire into recognizing a deep folder structure if you put a song folder inside of every folder depth for the first time Frets on Fire recognizes the folder.  After Frets on Fire recognizes your folder, you can then redistribute your song folders however you would like.  For example, instead of creating 2 new folders under songs and then placing the song folder, you must create it like data/songs/newfolder/newsongfolder/song.ogg

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  1. Ah, I find it interesting you want to pretend that you know how to play guitar... This might be why these games don't appeal to me too much, because I actually play guitar, so the notion of a game where I pretend to play a guitar just makes me want to actually play guitar, which I never seem to find enough time to do.