Tuesday, March 28, 2006

ActiveX controls are driving me crazy!

We are struck again by having applications that need to install activex controls onto hundreds of workstations.  The biggest problem is that we have only given our users 'User' rights to their workstations.

This makes it a real pain to get the controls installed.  We have to runas Internet Explorer, and usually there are a couple controls that are accessible from the web login screen.  However, we have two applications that install activex controls within the secure section.  So we have to runas Internet Explorer, have the user log in and get to the section of the web application with the special control.

We are trying to come up with a way for mass registering ActiveX controls, but so far we can only copy the dll and ocx files to the System32 folder and manually register each file.

I'm pretty sure we are not the only company that has been successful in limiting user access.  Maybe we are the only industry that uses multiple web applications.

Microsoft's explaination of activex controls, specifically with cab files

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