Wednesday, January 5, 2005


Well, I haven't posted in a while because I was promoted a month ago. The new job should have a lot of new exciting challenges that will test me to my current limits. I'm now going to work for the Radiology Department at the hospital. We are constantly using a lot of bandwidth over our WAN and we need to be able to allow specific access to business associates. Radiology seems like a very competitive industry with a lot of money flowing.

I have seen my first super-conductor and was not impressed. They encase the MRI scanner in plastic to hide the super-coolants that keep the magnet charged. Apparently, because of super-conductor properties, they only need to charge the electronic magnet once because the electrons don't dissipate like a regular appliance. There is a cost to maintaining the super-cooled magnet but as technology gets better, I would estimate those costs decreasing.

I would guess that a computer could be energized in much the same way if it was made out of super-conductors. That would decrease our costs for batteries and power.

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