Thursday, June 24, 2004


Working with Debian

I have to stop using my Debian machine at work. Apparently, the ntlmaps package doesn't play well with Windows ISA (MS Proxy) policies or you could say that it works too good. I was sucking up all available Internet bandwidth constantly whenever I ran apt-get upgrade.

I am running SID from work as my experimental server/workstation. Whenever I needed a new network or administration tool, I would search for a tool and apt-get install that tool. It was great. I installed plone when I thought our intranet looked boring, I installed Request-Tracker to see if I could replace Track-It!, I even started running mrtg to monitor our network health on the Debian machine.

I was asked to stop using the Debian server on the network to see if that helped with our Internet bandwidth issue. Apparently it helped.

I think I figured out why I was getting priority when downloading web pages and files. If I downloaded a file through the ntlmaps proxy, I would get around 115 kbps (920 Kbps) downloads and if I downloaded through MS Proxy directly, I would get slowed down by policy to 25 kbps (200 Kbps).

Since, I was stuck on Windows 2000 for everything, I decided to download cygwin to use some of the tools I was used to in Debian. When downloading the packages without going through Internet Explorer my speed increased to the high 115 kbps speed. The same thing happens if you use any program other that IE to download anything. Since ntlmaps wasn't IE there was no reason for it to try to slow down the download.

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